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Why should you monitor your backlinks?

To rank high in Google you need links pointing back to your site, so called backlinks. There are several ways to gain these backlinks. You could get them naturally because somebody loves your content. Or you can place them yourself, in blog comments for example. And, you can also buy or trade them. Naturally, when you buy or trade backlinks, you want them to stay where they are. Besides that, it would also be nice if they pass Pagerank (link juice) to your site.

But how often do you actually check your backlinks?

Bet you'd want to know if they are still there and pass Pagerank? Chance is, you probably don't check them so often. We understand! First of all it's a very time consuming job, second it isn't even fun to check your backlinks on a weekly basis. So, here is when we come in. What does our tool, the BacklinkEYE, do for you? Our backlink monitor checks if:

Bet you would like to know the answers to these questions, link by link. This tool does it all!

How does it work?

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